After sharing a articulation on his confirmed Facebook account Tuesday morning that Tony Dow,

"Take off It to Beaver," had kicked the bucket, Dow's administration group has expelled the explanation.

Concurring to Judy Twersky, a longtime companion of Dow's, he was still lively as of 3:30 p.m. ET,

Lauren Dow told Twersky he is still breathing and accepting hospice care

Dow was hazy what happened with the articulation from her husband's administration group prior nowadays,

Dow was thrust into stardom at age 12, when he was cast on the soon-to-be-smash sitcom "Leave It to Beaver

Dow made a difference make the prime example of a rural atomic family and got to be a family title to millions of watchers

Dow reviewed learning over a ground sirloin sandwich and malt that he was advertised the portion after trying out on a impulse. 

Wally Cleaver, the straight-arrow young child, star competitor and Boy Scout, got to be inseparably tied to Dow, 

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